Wholesale miniature drum set Motorhead All the Aces


Miniature drumset Motorhead - All the Aces
Miniature drum set assembly with complite details part.
Bass Drum , Tom Toms , Snare, Floor toms, Hi Hat , brass Cymbals with adjustable high stand,
Foot Pedal ,Stool and double Stick drums.
Beautiful details part miniature drum in Tom toms holders, also lugs and hooks on bass drum, toms and snare.
Miniature Drum in 1:4 scale, bass drum diameter is approximately 9 cm
packing box size is 17 x 16 x 9,5cm (length x width x height)
Drum set miniature is 100% handmade by profesional craftman from Indonesia
Miniature Drum set non playable and perfect for display, decoration only.
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Miniature drum set will come complite with individual carton box and plastic transparant

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